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Psychological Self-Help Resources

Mental Health Self-Assessment

Knowing your mental health condition can help prevent and intervene in possible mental health problems. If signs of mental health problems are detected and treated early at the onset of mental health problems, they can prevent and avoid deteriorating conditions and even developing psychosis, and for people who have been diagnosed with mental illness, keeping an eye on their mental health conditions can also help control the course of the disease and better communicate their status with the assisting professionals so that patients can receive the most appropriate help.

Jockey Club TourHeart Project

Introduction: A one-stop online psychological support platform aimed at promoting the mental health of the public, which contains a variety of mental health-related funds suitable for people with different needs (relatives and friends, themselves, enterprises), and an online assessment platform to suggest the most appropriate services for users and cultivate more ideal psychological qualities.


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Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Castle Peak Hospital

Description: Established by Castle Peak Hospital Hong Kong, it provides a variety of tips on mental health and detailed descriptions of common mental health problems and treatments.



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